Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy items on consignment?

Yes and No. We buy gently used children's and maternity clothing, toys and some gear for cash or in-store trade, which you are able to take/use immediately. However we will offer consignment as an option for large ticket items (strollers, high-end gear, etc.) See our "Selling With Us" page for more information.

How do I use my trade credit?

Your in-store trade credit is good for anything in the store. This includes new and used items! Trade credit never expires.

Are there specific hours for selling recycled goods?

We buy every day of the week, throughout the day. We generally buy by appointment only to guarantee that you don't walk in to a long line of sellers ahead of you and can be seen right when you arrive for your selected time. Setting up appointments also allows us to regulate the flow of items coming in to the store, which gives you a better chance of selling more items during your appointment. Ocassionally we do take walk-in sellers when we have a particular need for certain items and will post this information at our door.

What about parking?

Parking is free along Laurel Street. Additionally, we have a few reserved spaces directly behind our back door.

What is your return policy?

Store credit is issued on returns. Used items should be returned within 7 days and must have original tags attached and receipt. New items can be returned within 14 days if accompanied by original purchase receipt or gift receipt. Sales on Consignment items are final.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Why yes, we do! Stop in, give us a call or email us to purchase one.

Why do you only sell and buy goods for young children? I have a 9 year old and would love to sell his clothes!

As a small shop, we've chosen to concentrate our expertise on items for the smaller set (children 7 and under.) Growing our knowledge about the products we resell is a top priority. We want to know that we are offering the safest and best quality goods, and are knowledgeable enough to offer fair prices to our buyers and sellers. If all goes well, we will look forward to  serving a wider range of sizes in the future.

Call or email us if you have any more questions about Bird in the Nest. Thank You!